WannaCry Ransomware Attack

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WannaCry (aka Wanna Decryptor) is a type of Ransomware that hit the news recently after infecting NHS computers. This nasty bit of software is a type of virus that encrypts all of the file on a computer and then demands money from you to decrypt your files.

WannaCry continues to search for other vulnerable computers on the network and attempts to do the same to them too. You must act fast to prevent all computers on your network from becoming infected.

WannaCry Ransomware Screen

You must act fast to have any chance of recovering your data and to prevent it from spreading

Preventing WannaCry Ransomware Attacking

WannaCry ransomware can often be prevented by following some simple steps. Businesses are often at risk and usually have the most to lose. JKCWS can help provide advice and guidance on securing your home and business networks just contact us for support.

Here are a few simple steps to get you started!


Keeping your computer up to date is a relatively easy  task. On windows machines, search for “Windows Update Settings” and then click “Check for updates”. Its advisable to turn on automatic updates to save you having to remember to do this.


Backups are the one most important thing you can do with your personal or business data. Even the most careful of people can sometimes be hit by advanced viruses. Having a reliable copy of your data means that you can carry on should the worst happen.


Viruses usually need some user interaction to be able to get onto your computer. Try to avoid opening any files that are sent to you via E-Mail unless you are expecting them. Also make sure that you avoid websites that you are unsure of.


Make sure you have a reliable and up to date antivirus installed. Some of the more advanced antivirus tools can detect the traits of WannaCry Ransomware and stop it in it’s tracks.

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