Tech Review : My new Yi 4k Action Camera Vs the GoPro Hero5

YI 4K Camera Review

So I thought to start with I might be writing an unfair review, pitting my GoPro Hero5 against my new Yi 4K Action camera, BUT I was shocked at how close the two are in terms of quality and performance. The GoPro Hero 5 is  newer than the YI 4k, and it should have been more realistic comparing the GoPro Hero5 and the YI 4K+ which is to be released in the near future. I do however still think that the Yi camera is a very strong contender when thinking of buying an action camera. At the time of writing this the Yi Action camera is only £229.99 on , thats £114.96 cheaper than the GoPro Hero 5!

YI Camera in box

Packaged YI Camera

Whilst I have only had the camera for a couple of days, and can at this time only give an initial overview, I do plan on keeping this blog updated. Make sure that you check back for updates as I get chance to play around with it over the coming weeks!

After I unboxed the YI Camera, the first thing that stood out was the size of the unit as it is very compact. Even in the provided waterproof case and with the battery in, the camera weighs next to nothing. I’m after a camera for using on the motorbike, so I feel like this will be perfect for helmet mounting. On the subject of mounting, the camera appears to have the same mounting system as my Go Pro. I found that I was easily able to just start using this camera with some of the accessories I already own rather than trying to add new mounting points to my helmet and bike.

The camera has 2 ports than you can open. One allows access to the Micro SD card and battery port and the other allows access to the micro USB port for charging. Swapping out the Micro SD cards are very easy, as is changing the battery.

YI 4K Camera Box Content

YI 4K Camera Review

When you power on the device for the first time, you are greeted with a screen that sets the basic settings, walks you through the basic usage and tells you the Micro SD cards that are recommended. The camera itself is very easy to navigate around using the 2.19 inch screen, and the options provided make taking photos as easy or as advanced as possible. Being a touch screen, it makes navigating and changing the menus and settings much simpler. I personally like action cameras that you can just turn on and use, and after trying this camera on the default settings it was near perfect for me.

The camera has several default shooting modes which include Photo, Video, Timed Photo, Photo burst, Slow Motion, and Time Lapse Video. All these modes work well with default settings, however for any advanced users that are interested, each mode has plenty of options for changing Resolution, Field of View, White Balance, ISO etc.

Once you pop the camera into its waterproof case, you are unable to use the built-in touch screen, but this is where the mobile app comes in useful! I had the app installed from the android store in a couple of minutes, and connecting couldn’t have been easier. The app guides the user through how to connect, and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly this camera connected to my phone compared to my previous action camera. Once the app is connected you can see a live stream of the camera and can start remotely taking photos and video. You can also access all the cameras settings, browse the cameras media, and download it to your phone. It really is the perfect companion to

Final Thoughts on the Yi 4k Camera

As for the end result, there is nothing to fault, although I have only just got the camera, the testing photos and videos that I have are the same quality (if not better) than my GoPro ones, even though this camera costs substantially less. I took a quick video going down the road on the bike, and the image was clear and extremely smooth with the dual speakers inside the camera doing a great job of capturing the sound of the bike. I took a couple of still photos of the bike and again clear, even with the default settings.

If in the near future I am in a position where I need to buy another action camera and have to choose the GoPro or a Yi Camera then I won’t be hesitating in picking another one of the YI Cameras up, as there is very little in it when it comes to the overall result.

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